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WASTE - A short film by Hannah Oliver

WASTE - A short film by Hannah Oliver

Our goal here at Waste Free Planet has always been to build a thriving low waste community and promote the fantastic people that really make the community shine. Film is a great method to spread the low-waste message so we are very excited to share the thought provoking short film "WASTE".


“WASTE” is a film that thinks in images about what waste is, where it goes, and what might be left, when everything is waste. I made it because I became more than mildly obsessed with what happens to contaminated recycling bags … it was a whole thing. And if I was going to find out for myself, I thought I may as well document it as others would be interested too. But as soon as I started trying to trace the journey of waste, I realised how insidious and hidden it is as a concept. How it slips so easily out of our bubble-wrapped lives, how it’s always both everywhere and nowhere.

Hopefully, though, the film also instils the message that all is not lost, quite literally, if we do the required work. Above all, I wanted to inspire people to consume and waste less. I hope you enjoy watching!

- Hannah Oliver (@hannahjoliver)

WASTE (2019) from hannah oliver on Vimeo.

Director of Photography - Alistair Little (@ajlittle)
Colourist - Jessica Vile (@jessica_v_colour)

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